The Latest and Greatest

We Will Take “Your” Swing and make it better

We don’t believe in trying to teach everyone to swing the same way. Because everyone is built and swings differently, we take what the student naturally does and will build upon it.

Each student will have the experience to go through our video analysis bay, where their swing is video recorded and tracked by weight shift technology then analyzed. Most people are visual learners, and it is hard to understand your swing and possible weak points in it until you can see it slowed down and analyzed.

The Ultimate swing and club fitting technology.

At the Billy Casper Golf Academy we believe that it doesn’t matter how good your golf swing is, if you don’t have the clubs that are properly fit for “your” swing, you will not be able to play consistent golf. We use Flightscope technology to help get the exact information needed to help fit your clubs….

Use Technology to your advantage

We have all the latest technology that can help us fit you with the right club specifications and fit specifically for “your” swing. With the latest in video and club technology we can trace spin rate, swing speed, launch angle, and many other visual calculations and instant feedback to determine the right lie angle, shaft flex and specifications specifically for you.


TruGolf Virtual Simulator

While being able to use our TruGolf simulator to help with club fitting and teaching improvement, we also allow during off-time, for students to use the simulator. Students can jump on the simulator with others and play a very accurate game of virtual golf. There are over 85 world-renowned golf courses and 36 modes of play.

Home Away From Home

When you are here at the Billy Casper Golf Academy, we want it to feel like home. We have a great lounging area with TV and Satellite but it is usually always on the Golf Channel.