I spent two days in golf school with Nick McKinlay at the Billy Casper Golf Academy. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the instruction and facilities. It was Top notch video analysis and coaching. I loved the facilities. We had plenty of space to work on every aspect of the game. I’m a very visual learner and Nick used the high tech equipment perfectly so that it really helped me to be able to see my swing flaws and correct them. I loved it so much I brought my 11-year old son for a lesson as well!! I highly recommend this golf academy. It has truly changed my outlook on golf and my game has improved immensely.

Tyler Watt
Spent an afternoon at the academy with Nick McKinlay, the teaching golf pro, and had a great time. I was impressed that he didn’t try to make great changes in my swing etc., but offered suggestions on small things I could do to improve. (maybe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks). I had never had the technology before to photograph and analyze my swing, measure the distance and direction of the ball with each club and found that useful. The beautiful weather and surroundings also added to the experience.Wendell Gadd
Excellent facility. Latest technologies. Nick’s coaching was insightful and understandable and very productive. Got my season off to the best start ever – and got to meet Mr Casper which was a treat.Robert Middleton
I had the honor to meet Billy last October. This academy is the best of its kind as when you visit it, you have the opportunity to not only receive great instruction from great teaching pro’s, but you also get to meet Billy, and experience you will never forget.Larry Christensen
Having used the academy for approximately a year I cannot speak highly enough about the superb instruction I have received. Nick McKinlay is a wonderful positive instructor who helps you maximize your potential regardless of age or physical limitations. He helps identify the root causes of your issues and by fixing those base issues you often correct multiple problems within the golf swing. He focuses on getting you to simplify your golf swing with minimal moving parts to produce a consistent swing that you can trust when under stress on the course. I always leave the sessions with Nick with things I can work on but also happy with the progress made. I feel more positive about my potential for improving my golf game.Gary Tarbet
I have had several lessons with local golf pros in the past but my experience with Nick McKinlay and the Billy Casper Golf Academy was by far the most instructive and beneficial to my golf game that I have ever had. Nick was super easy to work with. He not only corrected some issues I was having with my swing but really help be understand the “why” behind it. I would highly recommend Billy Casper Golf Academy.
Nick Miller
I met Billy a few weeks ago and he gave 3 of us a putting lesson. “Make everything within 3′ of the hole” He also worked on my grip and gave me some pointers on full swing as well. I have had previous lessons from Nick McKinlay and I find him to be an excellent instructor in that he focus’ on specific issues that get immediate results. I highly recommend these guys and the Academy.
Chuck Roelen
I attended a half day session at the Billy Casper Golf Academy as an assignment for Fairways Magazine. Having played an informal round with Casper recently, I was specifically interested how the academy would be conducted in the spirit of Casper, a legend known for his personal touch. I was not disappointed. Taking a session with Nick McKinlay, I found his approach both appealing, informative and effective. I was impressed with the technology used to break down and educate me about flaws in my swing. McKinlay gave me just enough things to work on that I was not overwhelmed. He sought out every angle he could to help me, including finding out the best way I learn — a visual learner all the way. The most helpful aspect of the session was was his tips on putting. But with a myriad of swing fixes, I appreciated his approach in explaining why the fundamental tip works and how it could ultimately cut strokes off my game. If you are looking for a friendly, easy way to absorb golf swing tips, this is your place. No ego, only eagerness to help and support. I’ve been to places that overwhelm and confuse. This is not that place.
Dick Harmon
I have had lessons before from four different instructors. Never before have I had one who understood the game of golf in its entirety as well as Nick McKinlay. It took just one lesson for me to figure out that I had found something special. He took the time to get to know my game as an individual and worked to improve my own swing rather than trying to fit me into a mechanical robotic swing. He helped me in every aspect from bunker play to a full playing lesson. I didn’t think I could find anything better until Nick teamed up with Billy Casper. I had the wonderful opportunity to spend part of a day at the Billy Casper Golf Academy. The equipment and technology at the facility really impressed me. I’ve never seen anything like it. Billy himself took the time to teach me invaluable short game and full swing lessons. I had met him once before at a book signing and he remembered me and made me instantly feel important to him at the golf academy. He was genuinely interested in my personal game and where I wanted to improve and proceeded to address my areas of weakness. Time never seemed to be a concern for him. His stories were great and he was bound and determined to see me improve. Billy’s son, Byron, was there as well. His knowledge of the golf clubs and the technological side of golf was astounding. I could have talked to him for hours about it. Even more impressive is without any asking he stepped in after my lessons and gave me a quick wedge tip that I use to this day. His passion for the game of golf shines through in everything he does. In the end I left feeling like I had new friends in the golf world who have an amazing amount of golf knowledge and more importantly know how to convey that knowledge in a way that was logical and easy for me to understand. Thank you! I’ll continue to come back!
Brandon Ames