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Quantix F18 TOUR

“I’ve played two rounds with the F18, and I’m extremely pleased with this ball.
It gives me plenty of distance off the tee, and my well-struck iron shots into the green stop very close to the landing point. I don’t need a ball zipping back for the “OOOH!” factor, I need it to be consistent and accurate. This ball has that. The control around and on the green with pitches/chips/putts is superior. And for 20 bucks CHEAPER than ProV-1. I’ll take that every time.” – Ray N.

“I like everything about this ball. Distance feel, spin, trajectory. The cover scuffs a little, but I would not change a thing. My ball moving forward. I am a 3 handicapper.” – Gary


Quantix F18 TOUR

Product Description


3pc. Award-Winning Tour Ball featuring our Cast Urethane Cover perfectly paired with our Speed-Layer® Mantle and Hyper-Reactive® Core.


Designed To Outperform.

  • Low Driver Spin
  • Soft Feel
  • Tour Level Flight Trajectory
  • High Green Side Spin
  • Tour Level Distance
  • Maximized Control From Tee to Green

Compression: 95-100 Range

Conforms to USGA and R&A standards and are legal for tournament play.


Quantix F18 TOUR


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